My children’s books are available for purchase in rupees now.

Big Brother Appu – a children’s book. Now also available  @  Payment can be made either by rupees or in dollars. .

It is about –

Little Appu gets a baby sister and his mother’s attention is more towards his baby sister.. He feels utterly neglected. Find out how he overcomes his problem.  Who helps him overcome this problem. Please check out the amusing and educative story by purchasing from the above link. The pdf copy costs only Rs.50/-  (US.0.99)

Please check it out.


The following are my ebooks for children, which are marked as their availability.

Gary's temple visit

Gary’s temple visit – a children’s story
(free to download)

–  It is the story of a cat, named Gary, visiting a temple –


Big Brother Appu –  It is the story of a little boy, who feels neglected and gets upset  when he gets a baby sister. Learn how he overcomes this problem.

Big Brother Appu – A children’s story.


Mini’s Little World

This is the story of a lonely little girl and how her world changes when her grandaunt comes to spend a holiday with her.


Stories of Two Kings – This book contains two stories about kings. Both the stories are entertaining and educative.


Four Sons  – This is a story of a father and his four sons. Learn who makes the old father happy and how.


Angel Mala  – This is the story of a little girl. When she was in trouble how an angel comes to help her.


Gary’s Temple Visit   – This is another ebook for the children, which is free to download, published at smashwords.

It is the interesting story of a cat, called Gary, who is the only companion of an old man.  When the old man is sick Gary gets upset and goes to the temple to pray


Gary's temple visit - a children's story

for his master’s recovery. After the prayer, he brings payasam, the prasadam,from the temple and gives it to his master. One day he meets a fox on the way, and see what happens, by downloading and reading this book. It is both entertaining and educative to the young kids.