Check out my new book – Sweet & Sour-1.  This book contains 10 short stories.  As the name says some are sweet to read, and some others are thought provoking and linger the characters in your mind for some time.



This is the first in series of my Short story book – Sweet & Sour.  You can also find the link to the honest review of the book here. 

At present this book is available only as an ebook in Amazon. If any one wants to review it please contact me through the comment form, for a free PDF copy.


Now my short story book A Difficult Decision is available on smashwords also. It is included in their premium catalogue. That means this book can be read in other other eReaders also, and will be available in ebook stores like Barnes & Noble, Sony, Kobo, ibookstore etc. Till now it was available only on amazon.


You can read a review of this book here –

Recently I have put up a post on my other blog about 10 top places to promote your book. If you’re interested you can check it here.