Check out my new book – Sweet & Sour-1.  This book contains 10 short stories.  As the name says some are sweet to read, and some others are thought provoking and linger the characters in your mind for some time.



This is the first in series of my Short story book – Sweet & Sour.  You can also find the link to the honest review of the book here. 

At present this book is available only as an ebook in Amazon. If any one wants to review it please contact me through the comment form, for a free PDF copy.


My new novel Cherished which will be released at the end of September, is listed for a giveaway at goodreads, If you are a book enthusiast please check it out and enter the giveaway. Since the postage is too expensive it is available only to the people in India.



What is the book about?

Grishma, accompanied by her father and four month old baby, boards the train to Delhi join her husband, to surprise him with an unexpected visit. She dreams a happy family life with him. Little does she know that her journey will end in havoc to her life.

19 years later, Grishma’s daughter Jyothi, longing for her father’s love and support and a family reunion determines to search for her father, despite her mother’s strong protests. She succeeds in her mission, but will Praveen accept her as his daughter?

This is the heartwarming story of Jyothi’s pursuit of parental love, which she considers as her legitimate right.


At present I’m giving my novel The Second Choice ebook on a discounted price at instamojo for a short period. i.e. till the end of this month. Now the price is only Rs.90/- in India, for others just $2.00 instead of $3.99 – half price. The ebook can be downloaded  instantly. Please check out the link – and buy my book for a happy reading at the weekend or for a long drive, when the offer is available.

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Mini’s Little World – another interesting and educative book for children, is also available to purchase in Rupees or dollars now.

What is it about?


Mini's Little World

Little Mini’s world is said in 6 different chapters –

Chapter 1) Minis Dream,  2) Mini becomes a brave girl,  3) Grand Aunt’s visit

4) God’s visit  5) Mini is unwell, and 6) Mini goes on holidays.

This interesting and amusing book is available now for purchase in Rupees also.      Payment can be made either through rupees or dollars.

Price: Rs.50/-   (0.99)












My children’s books are available for purchase in rupees now.

Big Brother Appu – a children’s book. Now also available  @  Payment can be made either by rupees or in dollars. .

It is about –

Little Appu gets a baby sister and his mother’s attention is more towards his baby sister.. He feels utterly neglected. Find out how he overcomes his problem.  Who helps him overcome this problem. Please check out the amusing and educative story by purchasing from the above link. The pdf copy costs only Rs.50/-  (US.0.99)

Please check it out.

Now my short story book A Difficult Decision is available on smashwords also. It is included in their premium catalogue. That means this book can be read in other other eReaders also, and will be available in ebook stores like Barnes & Noble, Sony, Kobo, ibookstore etc. Till now it was available only on amazon.


You can read a review of this book here –

Recently I have put up a post on my other blog about 10 top places to promote your book. If you’re interested you can check it here.



Please go through these links to find the various reviews and interviews for The Second Choice. This is a consolidated list of what I remembered, posting for the convenience of my readers.  I will be updating this list as and when I get more feedback. Please remember to come back and check it.

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Where to buy this book? You can get paperback and ebook format.   Follow this link.