Mini’s Little World – another interesting and educative book for children, is also available to purchase in Rupees or dollars now.

What is it about?


Mini's Little World

Little Mini’s world is said in 6 different chapters –

Chapter 1) Minis Dream,  2) Mini becomes a brave girl,  3) Grand Aunt’s visit

4) God’s visit  5) Mini is unwell, and 6) Mini goes on holidays.

This interesting and amusing book is available now for purchase in Rupees also.      Payment can be made either through rupees or dollars.

Price: Rs.50/-   (0.99)













At last I succeeded in publishing my ebook on smashwords.  There is a lot to learn to upload your ebook to smashwords.  But it is worth the try.


Mini's Little World












It is a children’s book about a little girl called Mini. Here is the link.