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Now my short story book A Difficult Decision is available on smashwords also. It is included in their premium catalogue. That means this book can be read in other other eReaders also, and will be available in ebook stores like Barnes & Noble, Sony, Kobo, ibookstore etc. Till now it was available only on amazon.


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The following are my ebooks for children, which are marked as their availability.

Gary's temple visit

Gary’s temple visit – a children’s story
(free to download)

–  It is the story of a cat, named Gary, visiting a temple –


Big Brother Appu –  It is the story of a little boy, who feels neglected and gets upset  when he gets a baby sister. Learn how he overcomes this problem.

Big Brother Appu – A children’s story.


Mini’s Little World

This is the story of a lonely little girl and how her world changes when her grandaunt comes to spend a holiday with her.


Stories of Two Kings – This book contains two stories about kings. Both the stories are entertaining and educative.


Four Sons  – This is a story of a father and his four sons. Learn who makes the old father happy and how.


Angel Mala  – This is the story of a little girl. When she was in trouble how an angel comes to help her.

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Booksonmyshelves    (Book Review and Interview together)




Where to buy this book? You can get paperback and ebook format.   Follow this link.

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The Second Choice


Mini’s Little World

Mini’s Little World


As I want to increase the sales of my book I’m giving away few copies of this book for free till the end of this month. I want more kids and their parents/ grandparents to read and enjoy this book. It is available in in all forms of e-readers.

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Giveaway time –   23rd to 31st to May 2012

For Indians – I have two physical copies of this book to giveaway. Please contact me. 

All that I request you is to write a small Testimonial for me, after reading this book. As you know testimonial is very essential for the sale of the book.


Let’s meet the cute little Mini.

She is a lonely girl studying in second grade .  She loves Timmy, her cat, who gives her company  at home.

On a rainy Sunday afternoon, Mini dreams of a fairy in the form of an old lady, granting her a boon to get whatever she wants and she tests the boon for ice cream.  She was amazed to see her house getting filled up  with ice cream  until she managed to stop  it, with the advice given by the fairy.

This amusing story is also about how Mini gets adjusted when her mother takes up a full time job outside her house,  and how her lonely world changes for the better with the visit of her grandmother, which also conveys some valuable messages to the kids.

This engaging story can be read out to the kids by their parents or grandparents  if they are unable to read on their own.

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An excerpt from the book –

“Mini loved her grandma’s visit. She would tell her stories of her father’s childhood  days.  She enjoyed hearing about them. During her last visit she had told her how mischievous her daddy was as a child, and how he had learned cycling and how he used to bully his sisters , and many more interesting stories. Listening to those stories, she had laughed and laughed for a long time and she used to tease her daddy later. It was grandma who had told her how the village festivals were held, and how they were worried one day when her father was sick, for not being able to get a doctor nearby. “



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