My name is Lakshmi Menon and maintains a website I have been published  both online and in print. I am passionate about writing short stories, children’s stories, travel and general articles, and also novel.

Recently I have  published my debute novel – The Second Choice, as print as well as ebook. The printed version is available at flipkart,indiaplaza,infibeam and and on other traditional bookstores.

The ebook version is published with smashwords and available in many platforms.


6 Responses to “About”

  1. Well done you. You really are very accomplished. Great website too. Don’t forget to check out my websites too.

    1. indusww Says:

      Thanks Sheila. I will be visiting your website too.

  2. Thanks, honey. That’ll be great. you might want to follow me too???? Although, I’ll warn you, the ‘Welcome page’ is way down the pages – I need to sort it out and update it! Where does the time go????

  3. indusww Says:

    I will be following you.

  4. Aw – thank you. I’ll be following you – you’ll be following me!!

  5. Ravi Kumar R Says:


    I stumbled across your blog and really enjoyed your reviews. I am an author (2 novels published) in search of identity and would feel privileged to get reviewed by you.

    I will be happy to send a copy (soft copy or hard copy..Whichever you feel convenient enough) to you. Let me know if you are interested.

    I’d love to hear back from you. You may contact me at

    Best Regards,

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