These are some of the reviews I had received for my book Cherished. by Lakshmi Menon  Some people like the story and some may not like. From my experience, I learned that it varies from person to person by way of age, gender etc.


This is a review submitted on my site by Suresh today, 26th Oct 2013 –

“A daughter’s quest for her father
by: Suresh 

‘Cherished’ is primarily a story about a daughter’s search for her father who, due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control, couldn’t be with her right from childhood. The search that begins with atentative letter takes an unexpected path and tensions rise as old and new relationships clash. 

The author displays an excellent understanding of mature human relationships in all its aspects but mainly in the less explored father daughter relationship. We root for the daughter who missed a father’s love and who is initially portrayed as a selfish father. As the truth is slowly revealed, we marvel at the way destiny can change the orbit of relationships in spite of the good intentions of individuals.

An excellent read for any book lover.”

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