The following are my ebooks for children, which are marked as their availability.

Gary's temple visit

Gary’s temple visit – a children’s story
(free to download)

–  It is the story of a cat, named Gary, visiting a temple –


Big Brother Appu –  It is the story of a little boy, who feels neglected and gets upset  when he gets a baby sister. Learn how he overcomes this problem.

Big Brother Appu – A children’s story.


Mini’s Little World

This is the story of a lonely little girl and how her world changes when her grandaunt comes to spend a holiday with her.


Stories of Two Kings – This book contains two stories about kings. Both the stories are entertaining and educative.


Four Sons  – This is a story of a father and his four sons. Learn who makes the old father happy and how.


Angel Mala  – This is the story of a little girl. When she was in trouble how an angel comes to help her.