February 2012

The following books authored by me are in amazon.com in kindle stores.

The Second Choice  -priced at $3.99

A full fledged novel of an Indian couple,  married for convenience. For both of them it is their second marriage.  Read the poignant story of this couple The Second Choice

It is also available on smashwords.com


A Difficult Decision –  priced at $0.99

A Difficult Decision

A short story book containing 3 stories set in India.


Mini’s Little World  Priced at $0.99

Mini’s Little World

This is a children’s story told through the eyes of a little girl.

This is also available in smashwords.com


Big Brother Appu Priced at $0.99

Big Brother Appu.

This is also a children’s story told through the eyes of a little boy when he got a little sister.


Angel Mala  Priced at $0.99

This is also a children’s story, both adventurous and fantasy.

Angel Mala



I have published a new short story book, named A difficult Decision.  It contains 3 short stories, set in India. All the three stories in this book are touching stories.

It is available only on amazon.  The book is priced at just 99 cents.  I hope you will read it and enjoy.  It will be free on 11th and 12th February 2012.

Here is the link to buy   A Difficult Decision










If you don’t want to pay 99 cents and buy it use this opportunity to get it for free. I will be happy to get your feed back, after reading it.