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The Author reads – One page from the Book –

The vertical sun had already gone down and the darkness of twilight had already spread like dirty linen hanging out in the Milky Way.

That evening passed happily with children’s chatter and laughter.

Venu returned home hungry and tired.

Over a cup of tea,  Pavithra told him about her extension of job.

Contrary to her expectations, he reacted very angrily. “I find it very difficult with your job here. Often when I come home, an empty house welcomes me. The children are also neglected. I think it is better that you quit the job and stay at home. I was waiting for your six-month term to get over.”

He threw the paper he was reading and left the room, leaving the tea half-finished.

Till few minutes back, Pavithra’s heart was filled with joy and pride…. And now…?

Disappointment enveloped her. She let the tears drop down and glisten in the light of setting sun.

“Venu, please try to understand me.”  She tried to convince him the need of her job when he was in one of his good moods that night. “These days getting a job is not so easy. We have two girls with us and we have to think about their future. If you work too hard it will affect your health. Let me also share your responsibilities. Let me have the pleasure of helping you, please.”

Without saying anything he pretended to be sleeping.

“Venu, are you listening?”

“I told you what I want. Now don’t bother me too much,” he screamed.

Next day morning, again Pavithra began her topic of conversation. “Venu, please don’t tell me to quit the job right now. We’ve so many responsibilities on our hands. I want to buy so many things for the children. If I have a regular job we can even take a bigger house and move at a later date. The girls will need independent rooms to study.” She looked at Venu for a favorable response at least this time.

“I’ve already told you what I have to tell you. Now don’t sit and crib over here.” He left the house ten minutes earlier that day as though he was not interested to listen to  anything more regarding her job.

It was a great blow to her.  But she was not prepared to give up the golden chance.