The Second Choice is the story of Pavithra, whose life was shattered by the unaccepted  death of her husband Anand, at a very young age. She was not at all prepared to forget Anand and find another life partner in his place, but as she was not financially independent she had to agree to marry Venu, as advised by her father, for the sake of bringing up her 4 year old daughter Anu.







ISBN 978-81-904119-4-3

Publisher – Songbyrde

Venu’s condition was also not different. Though he was not a widower, he was leading a life of a single parent to his 7 year old daughter Indu. His dear wife Soumya was bedridden following the birth of Indu. As Soumya was convinced that she wouldn’t be able to come back to life again, she forced her husband for a divorce and marry again. Venu had no other way, but to agree to marry Pavithra reluctantly, to please his wife, as that was the only wish Soumya had.

Thus the life of Pavithra and Venu began, a marriage on convenience and not on love.  Will they be happy in their marriage? Will the two young hearts find love in each other? Will they regret their decision or will they be happy in their blended family?  What is in store for Indu and Anu? Read the moving story of The Second Choice.

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