July 2011

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The Author reads – One page from the Book –

The vertical sun had already gone down and the darkness of twilight had already spread like dirty linen hanging out in the Milky Way.

That evening passed happily with children’s chatter and laughter.

Venu returned home hungry and tired.

Over a cup of tea,  Pavithra told him about her extension of job.

Contrary to her expectations, he reacted very angrily. “I find it very difficult with your job here. Often when I come home, an empty house welcomes me. The children are also neglected. I think it is better that you quit the job and stay at home. I was waiting for your six-month term to get over.”

He threw the paper he was reading and left the room, leaving the tea half-finished.

Till few minutes back, Pavithra’s heart was filled with joy and pride…. And now…?

Disappointment enveloped her. She let the tears drop down and glisten in the light of setting sun.

“Venu, please try to understand me.”  She tried to convince him the need of her job when he was in one of his good moods that night. “These days getting a job is not so easy. We have two girls with us and we have to think about their future. If you work too hard it will affect your health. Let me also share your responsibilities. Let me have the pleasure of helping you, please.”

Without saying anything he pretended to be sleeping.

“Venu, are you listening?”

“I told you what I want. Now don’t bother me too much,” he screamed.

Next day morning, again Pavithra began her topic of conversation. “Venu, please don’t tell me to quit the job right now. We’ve so many responsibilities on our hands. I want to buy so many things for the children. If I have a regular job we can even take a bigger house and move at a later date. The girls will need independent rooms to study.” She looked at Venu for a favorable response at least this time.

“I’ve already told you what I have to tell you. Now don’t sit and crib over here.” He left the house ten minutes earlier that day as though he was not interested to listen to  anything more regarding her job.

It was a great blow to her.  But she was not prepared to give up the golden chance.


The book is  at present available at the following bookshops –

1) Strand Bookstall, Manipal Centre, Bangalore.

2) Gangarams, MG Road, Bangalore

3) In-Touch Books, Koramangala BDA Complex,Bangalore

4) Book Shop, KHB Colony (Opp.Krishna Temple), Koramangala 5th Bl.

5) pothi.com for online purchase.

Soon other major online distributors like flipkart, indiaplaza, infibeam will also be available.

Price: Rs.330/-

The Second Choice is also available as ebook here.

Introducing the book The Second Choice to the audience  during the launch of the book on 16th July 2011. –  by Malathi Ramachandran, author of The Wheel Turned.


There is a famous saying that goes, A woman is like a tea bag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.
This is exactly how I would describe the protagonist of Lakshmi Menon’s debut novel, The Second Choice. The main character Pavitra is a victim of her circumstances, becoming a puppet dancing for everyone else’s pleasure but hers. Having being pushed into a marriage of convenience for the sake of her little daughter, this young widow takes on her new responsibilities with willingness and tries her best to keep everyone happy, especially her husband Venu. But it is not easy being a second wife or for that matter, a stepmother. She is continuously deterred in her efforts by a surly husband, a resentful child, interfering neighbours. But Pavitra remains true to her beliefs, and through love and caring, wins her new family over.
But are her troubles over? No, life has conspired to put her through even more turmoil. Pavitra’s character develops through her trials and tribulations, till the climax of the story, when she reaches a crossroads, and is forced to take the biggest decision of her life. What decision she takes and how she charges her life with meaning and joy have to be discovered by the readers themselves. All I can say is that like the proverbial tea bag that releases its strength and flavour only when put into boiling water, Pavitra too shows her inner strength and beauty in the face of all the difficulties she is forced to face in her life.
A famous French novelist once said, On the day when it will be possible for woman to love not in her weakness but in her strength, not to escape herself but to find herself, not to abase herself but to assert herself–on that day love will become for her a source of life …
This is the story of Pavitra who finds love and life through not her outward weakness, but her inner  strength .
I will now read you a few paragraphs from the book. “……………”
She read out few lines from the novel at the end of her speech.

These are some of the reviews I had received in writing.( I had got more feed back over the phone. )


“The Second Choice” is the touching story of a blended family, told in a simple but compelling style. It propels the reader forward into an unexpected but incredible climax.(By Dr. Eva Bell, Author of Halo of Deceit)


 Here, life’s rich experiences have a way of unfurling in apt words under her deft handling. Lakshmi captivates readers instantly with a plot brewing with emotions. She has an ability to hold her thought well without dramatic settings. The novel delves deep to touch chords with women; A depth that comes from a keen observation and a flow that is like an echo of an outpour by its involved readers. A start to finish read, with nuances you can identify in a man -woman relationship. (By Kauser Jabeen)


The book is very fast paced, simple, and makes me feel as if I am watching a movie.  I really loved it. (By Shreya)


This era is devoid of such dedication/ sincerity in relationships and that is precisely why the book stands apart, not only in its simplicity but in the manner it was presented – predictable and yet with a lesson or two if a reader needs to carry home as a key takeaway. (By Kakuli Nag )


Updated on 5/9/2011

Lakshmi Menon in her novel  “The Second Choice” has penned a simple tale, with believable and down to earth characters. The plot moves leisurely and explores the nature of human relationships. The writer shows great understanding and empathy for all her characters. The brilliant unexpected ending adds a touch of class to the conventional story line. An eminently readable and thought provoking book! (By Vatsala Warrier Author of Under The Rain Tree)


The novel has such a tight, dramatic ambience throughout that I would not be surprised if the film makers approach the author for filming rights. The story retains its interest till its unexpected end, which leaves the reader with a satisfied feeling that justice had been done all around. The magnificent finale to the intense story is like the plum on the pudding. (By Vimala Ramu, Author of Wind Chimes)


My newly released novel The Second Choice is now available at Strand BookStall, Manipal Centre, Bangalore.  It is also available at pothi.com for online purchase. Soon it will be available with the major online book distributors like flipkart, indiaplaza and infibeam, so that you can buy it from the comfort of your home.

My first English Novel The Second Choice published by Songbyrde Publishers, was released on 16th July 2011, at KSCA. The event went on well in spite of heavy rain. Though not all, but 70% of the people were able to attend the event, in spite of the rain.

The Chief Guest Ms.Vidya Virkar, Proprietor of Strandbook Stall released the book. More photos will be added soon.  At present, the book is available here.  Soon it will be available at Strandbook Stalls, and few other Bookstalls, and also online like Flipkart.com, Indiaplaza.com, and Infibeam.com  etc.

ISBN 978-81-904119-4-3

Read the reviews at pothi.com.  More reviews are coming in. Soon will be added.


Bangalore Miirror

Don’t miss to purchase this easy to read and simple style, unusual story and add your reviews.

The Second Choice is the story of Pavithra, whose life was shattered by the unaccepted  death of her husband Anand, at a very young age. She was not at all prepared to forget Anand and find another life partner in his place, but as she was not financially independent she had to agree to marry Venu, as advised by her father, for the sake of bringing up her 4 year old daughter Anu.







ISBN 978-81-904119-4-3

Publisher – Songbyrde

Venu’s condition was also not different. Though he was not a widower, he was leading a life of a single parent to his 7 year old daughter Indu. His dear wife Soumya was bedridden following the birth of Indu. As Soumya was convinced that she wouldn’t be able to come back to life again, she forced her husband for a divorce and marry again. Venu had no other way, but to agree to marry Pavithra reluctantly, to please his wife, as that was the only wish Soumya had.

Thus the life of Pavithra and Venu began, a marriage on convenience and not on love.  Will they be happy in their marriage? Will the two young hearts find love in each other? Will they regret their decision or will they be happy in their blended family?  What is in store for Indu and Anu? Read the moving story of The Second Choice.

Printed copy of The Second Choice is available here.

eBook of The Second Choice is available here.

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