June 2011


Gary’s Temple Visit   – This is another ebook for the children, which is free to download, published at smashwords.

It is the interesting story of a cat, called Gary, who is the only companion of an old man.  When the old man is sick Gary gets upset and goes to the temple to pray


Gary's temple visit - a children's story

for his master’s recovery. After the prayer, he brings payasam, the prasadam,from the temple and gives it to his master. One day he meets a fox on the way, and see what happens, by downloading and reading this book. It is both entertaining and educative to the young kids.


I have successfully published my 3rd ebook on smashwords. It is called Big Brother Appu .(A story for the children).

Big Brother Appu is the story of a little boy called Arpith, fondly called Appu. He gets excited to know that he has got a baby sister, but soon his excitement vanishes.  He thinks that his parents like his baby sister now, and he is neglected by them.  The very thought of this  makes him  very upset and find out how he expresses his unhappiness at home.  Many of us would have faced or are facing this problem. But how to solve this? Children are very sensitive. See how Big Brother Appu handles this problem in his case.

Read the Story.

One more book is published on smashwords. It is named Two stories of Kings.

There are two stories in this book, which provides knowledge and entertainment. The stories are set in India.

At last I succeeded in publishing my ebook on smashwords.  There is a lot to learn to upload your ebook to smashwords.  But it is worth the try.


Mini's Little World












It is a children’s book about a little girl called Mini. Here is the link.



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